Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

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Whats the sickest, most perverted, boderline on obscene horror flick you have ever seen? Just curious.

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Hills have eyes, devils rejects, night of 1000 corpses. just to name a few


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Cannibal Holocaust hands down. Sick fucking shit


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Yea I was gonna say, Make Them Die Slowly AKA Cannibal ferox. Same concept. I agree THAT IS SOME SICK SHIT!

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I think it would have to be for me the Patriot I know its not a horror movie its a war movie but that is the only one I can think of that movie was sick.....

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i saw last house on the left when it was 1st released some 30 years ago. still a sick and disturbing movie, but i would have tosay that one i saw called ruby was the most disturbing.

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I think it was called The Gates of Hell. Some guy got his brains removed and another was doing strange things with his doll.!

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I'm a little surprised to see Hostel mentioned so often, but I suppose it's a matter of personal opinion.

Personally I'd have to second Slaughtered Vomit Dolls for perverted films, it's the only thing I've ever seen to make me feel 'dirty'.. Though eventually it does lose its power, you still have to question what kind of strange fetish for regurgitating and drinking vomit you'd have to have to make the film!

After that would definitely be Men Behind The Sun nods

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The other movie I forgot to mention besides the Patriot was Silent Hill now that was Perverted Awsome but very Perverted and sick but still good I hated the Patriot though......

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That would have to be FEED (2005) directed by Brett Leonard, or possibly "Imprint" an episode of Masters of Horror that was directed by Takashi Miike.


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