Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

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Whats the sickest, most perverted, boderline on obscene horror flick you have ever seen? Just curious.

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"A movie when this way older guy lured this teenage girl to his condo and took some pictures of her but everythinggoes down hill from their she starts torturing him i think to find out were her friend is its a sick movie she cuts his dick off i was feeling it threw the tv screen" - that sounds like "Hard Candy" which was a brilliant horror film with a great performance by Ellen Page. The most disturbingly-offensive movie I can think of is "Nekromantik". The name kinda says it all. I've owned this film for 15 years and have only watched it once in its entirety.

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sickest,most perverted,hmmm,NEKROMANTIC,a German film about necrophilia.if anyone's interested check it out.

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The Rockie Horror Picture Show!!!!  Don't care that movie was sickingly awesome...  and horror is in the name, so technically it counts...  hahahaha

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Bloodsucking freaks

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Or cannibal anything out of italy in the early  80s

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Wow, that's a tough one because there is some mean stuff out there. But I would have to say any from Toe Tag Productions, AUGUST UNDERGROUND series would get my vote. These are some of the sickest and crappiest films out there. I started with MORDUM and I don't think I need to see any of the others. It passes itself off as a 'found film', a snuff film if you like, and it's filmed in that way. It looks like it was filmed with a hand held camera (it probably was), because of the shakiness of the camera in spots. Each film in the series is supposed to push the envelope of taste and tolerance, and I used the film to gauge where my limits happened to be. These films are a catelogue of atrocity pushed to the extreme, where any possible sick and depraved thing will be filmed and was: rape, necrophilia, you name it, (I can't Wink) Believe me, I pride myself on being quite a gore-hound, I can take quite a bit, but I disturbingly found out that even I have limits and these films are it. I had to watch this one drunk because I don't think I would be able to stomach it sober. You would ask now: "Well, if it was so bad, why did you keep watching and darn thing?" Well, it's like this: these films are like a train wreck, drunk or sober, you have to keep watching.

For the record, though, the only thing these films have going for them is that the special effects are very realistic and good for a low budget film. If Toe Tag can have any credit, these films can be a marketing method to get noticed for their 'art'. Hey, art is what you make it. And no, I didn't like the film but I'll give credit where it is due.

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Actually one of my favorites is showing in the free movies this month! Night of the Demons.

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Mine would have to be Martyrs. Not really preverted but it was just downright brutal.


I have to agree with Sammie. Martyrs had me want to weapon up and kill all the bad guys. Really intense, merciless film. Kinda sick. I am NOT a gore hound. Have seen plenty of it in real life. To me, a movie can be gory and not scary. In that case, Im not really interested. I may still watch it but I prefer CHILLS to REVULSION.


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