Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

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Whats the sickest, most perverted, boderline on obscene horror flick you have ever seen? Just curious.

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I dunno if I am being redundant hear... but if anyone hasn't mentioned it, the part where that chick cuts of her female thing and willem dafoe squirts the red stuff out of his D is pretty gnarly...

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Number one has to Audition, for the creepy guy in the bag and the pins. Probably the most disturbing as well. 

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Pig...well at least I hope that's what it is called. Truly insane espically for a silent film

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I'm giving in to this one and will be watching Cannibal Holocaust this weekend (hopefully).  Still can't get a hold of Necromantik for rent.  Is it worth a buy?  I like twisted movies but there has got to be some plot or good acting to go along with it.

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Hey Spooky,

I know you might blame me for leading you to Salo, but I have to say that Necromantic is way more horror and gore.

It's crazy, horrific and obscene but fun in its own special way. I hope that you're able to find it.

I can't believe I found the traler on Youtube:


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No I don't blame you for SALO.  Don't feel bad.  I soooooooooooo want to see Necromantik and can't get it unless I buy it. 

I watched Cannibal Holocaust last night and it wasn't really as bad as some people say.  They actually killed a sea turtle in that movie and that bothered me.  I don't like to see animals get killed but for the most part I'm wanting something in the extreme sense with a good plot of course.  Something along the lines of Aftermath / Genesis. And I cannot find something much like that.

Oh, and I didn't see any midgits in Cannibal Holocaust. A few ppl told me there were a bunch of cool rabid midgits.  At first I thought I missed something but then I was like thinking the movie still wasn't that bad save for the animal killing which I could've done without.

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Rabid midgets! Wow, that would have made Cannibal Holocaust 10 times better! Instead it's a movie I can't really get behind because of the animal killing which just seems unnecessary and wrong.

Necromantik is an unforgetable experience but is it worth buying? Maybe, if it costs under $20. Check around online first before you buy, it maybe on Google Movies or some other legitimate site.

I'm going to make a list of movies you might be interested in and post in a new entry somewhere. It will take me a bit but I'll message you when it's up.  



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Nekromantik 1 & 2, Cannibal Holocaust and Andy Warhol's 'Frankenstein

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2 girls one cup. Lol jk jk sorry


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