Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

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Whats the sickest, most perverted, boderline on obscene horror flick you have ever seen? Just curious.

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I would have to say to fit in both of those categories I spit on your grave is the most relevant but a bit much to watch at times.

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Perversion led astray with seduction, which some seem to float to, let's see, thinking.


Probably something a little kinky.  That would be:



The Underground.  Lycanthropes vs. Vampires.

The Heroine had many under her, and it was sexual.  Only thing, she appeared to be having a bad day.  Mad alot.


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Some amaze me with Wes Craven's "Nightmare on Oh, well street".  They really do.


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Mine had to be an independant film called "Srapbook". It was not gory or anything but I felt like a voyer watching it. It was like someone's sick, personal fantasy about serial killing and had rape scenes in it. After watching it I couldn't shake the shitty feeling I had that I, somehow, was a part of it. I wanted to break the dvd to peices.

Instead, I gave it to my son. He watched it and felt the same way. He actually did break it into peices and threw it in the trash.

Before you chastise me for giving it to my son, I'd just like to point out that he's 33 yrs. old. Not a teenager or small child.

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i liked scrapbook too, it got beat down pretty badly by users on netflix but i checked it out any way, Nice Pick.

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August Underground trilogy by Toe Tag


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Not that I think mis really all that bad, but...

Last House on the Left (original) ya....probably shouldn't have watched that as a kid. :)

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The sickest movie I ever seen was "Inside" a movie about a woman who tries to steal another woman's unborn child. Absolutley horrific and wow gory! :0

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RUBBER!!!W.T.F. & Why was that movie ever made???

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Cannibal Holocaust and Excision.... Stopped watching horror for a while after those 2.


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