best killer ever n a movie?

best killer ever n a movie?

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tell me who u think was or the best killer n the movies

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the leprechaun kicked ass in lep 3 in vegas

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hands down

its the king of all killers

michael myers

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welcome to the funhouse

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Asami Yamazaki from audition, she looked so cute feeding that guy her vomit and sawing the other guys foot off.

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what about chucky or even pinhead

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yeah i also agree witht tazz69 pinhead is bad

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um nope youre wrong

the leprechaun

he rhymes, he raps, hes cute, he bites peoples ears off

and he knows magic, and he has gold, and he likes plants

and hes irish, and he wears green, i like green

and hes rich, and hes witty, and hes funny,

and he can rap and get bitches

he does drugs

OH and he can RAP

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i could probably go on forever...

he can drive, hes got killer style, he can sound like

a little girl, hes hilarious, hes warwick davis,

hes smart, he GRANTS WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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