What would be the worst way to die?

What would be the worst way to die?

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Soso. What do you think would be the worst possible way to die? Cemmon kiddies, I know you can get creative.

For me, personally, the worst way to die would be getting slowly cut apart. With razors and knives and all mannors of sharp things. Getting little bits of your limbs sawed off slowly, and cuts made here and there....Ugh. Yeah, that would suck.

But getting burned to death comes in a close second. Suffocation and horrible pain all at once....yeah, that wouldn't be fun.

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I think the worst way to die would be the cannibal scene in Hostel II. Being slowly eaten alive would be hell. I think drowning would be a horrible way to go.

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eaten alive by inbred cannabals

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being slowly cut up to the point of being horrible mutilated until they finally just leave you locked up in a room w/a razor blade to pick your own fate...

can you live with being horrible disfigured or will you kill yourself

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Anything that is slow enough to actually watch yourself physically and mentally deteriorate is pretty bad; i.e Cancer, and/or AIDS.

I only skimmed the first page, but I'm pretty sure a lot of things that seem to be a brutal way to die are listed. However, the human body can go into shock pretty easily, making things less extreme, and the experience more short-lived. At least I think so. Perhaps I over-analyzed.

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My friend wants to slit inbetween each finger.

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Burnig to death fucks with me thats the worst pain for me

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I think for me, the most painful way to die, would be to have all my skin stripped from me. Second, would be what I'd like to do to Claude Dallas. Get Traped in a bear trap in the forrest where no one can hear you scream, and get eaten alive by a bear or wolfs.

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Slow Fire, most definitely death by slow fire!

Being roasted over a low fire with hot coals for several hours. Just hot enough to cook you from the feet right up until your heart gives out (which is probably right after your intestines and stomach are well-done). That would be painful.

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i would have to say being burned ot death.

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I would say to take a fall in an old house in the middle of nowhere or an old mine shaft in the mountains. The fall doesn't kill you, but you break your back, legs etc so that you are immobile and have no way to contact anyone for help. No one knows where you are at. You just have to lay there in pain from your injuries and slowly die from them or die from starvation. Either way it would take a decent amount of time and all you could do is lay there not only in physical pain but a LOT of psychological turmoil. Not to mention some rats could come about and start gnawing away at your toes, etc. Not to mention some other wild animals..

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