What would be the worst way to die?

What would be the worst way to die?

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Soso. What do you think would be the worst possible way to die? Cemmon kiddies, I know you can get creative.

For me, personally, the worst way to die would be getting slowly cut apart. With razors and knives and all mannors of sharp things. Getting little bits of your limbs sawed off slowly, and cuts made here and there....Ugh. Yeah, that would suck.

But getting burned to death comes in a close second. Suffocation and horrible pain all at once....yeah, that wouldn't be fun.

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I think being buried alive would be the worst way to die. You're all alone ... in a box....6 feet under...in the dark....how long can you live? Long enough to hear bugs trying to get in? I believe you would go mad before you died.....

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"Drowning would be a horrible way to go but I think it would be a little less bad if you were really thirsty right before it happened" -Demetri Martin

I think stabbing would be the worst because you would actually see your own blood before you died.

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i think being skinned alive would have to be the worst. even after all your skin was pulled off you would still probably be alive for a while and in unimaginable pain

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hmmm.......to start with the killer would burn you just enough to give you 2nd degree burns (the most painful), then they would take a potato peeler and peel off your skin, slowly, very slowly, peeling off just enough skin that that it hurt like hell, but not enough that it killed your nerve cells (or you) stopping if you became unconscious waiting for you to wake up, always having an i.v. hooked up to you, pumping you with caffeine, sugar anything and everything to keep you awake. the whole process would take days (thought it feels like years) and the whole time you receive only enough water to keep you alive and enough food to make you even hungrier, so you are in pain inside and out. the killer would let stay like that for a few days sometimes pouring water so salty on you that there is salt sitting undissolved on the bottom of the bucket. then the killer would take a dull knife and start to slowly cut you up starting at your feet and cut off small pieces of flesh until you had no more limbs left. then, finally growing bored, then killer would fill up a large tub with water so salty there is undissolved salty on the bottom and put you in and hold you under until you almost drown then pull you out and repeat until the killer got completely bored. when that happened you would be left to drown in the salt water. after that the killer would dump your body (and the pieces of it) in a lake and it would never be found and the killer never caught.

or maybe burning alive,buried alive,mulilated,droped from a jet plane at 40,000 feet

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i'd definatly have to say stabbing

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Just stabbing? Wow, you've got a high tolerance for pain there, buddeh. XB

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burning alive after getting stabbed and mutilated oh yes there will be pain

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lol,probably gettin strangled to death

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Getting stabbed in the neck or shot in the eye. I'll take a stomach wound over those two any day.

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Getting stabbed in the neck or shot in the eye. I'll take a stomach wound over those two any day.

Hmm. D'you think? A shot in the eye would probably be an instant death, since it would likely go through your brain as well.

Depending where you get stabbed in teh neck, it could be instant or not....

But a stomach would is one of the most slow & painful ways to die. D: With all the acid slowly leaking out and destroying the rest of your body, bit-by-bit....


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