My Guts are all over the place

My Guts are all over the place

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Hello all welcome to the party.Tonight we'll be dining on my steaming entrails.So Bon appetit.

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Um, can you please pass me the butter, and a that platter of kidney???


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Philly boy here, so ill take a big ass scoop of that drippy goodness,fry it, smother it in mushrooms and onions, toss it on a long roll,and eat it cheesesteak style!

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I brought some tabasco (tucks napkin under chin)

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Sounds yummy. What we having for dinner? Or shoud I say who.


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Ill have mine slightly steaming with a side of decayed liver mmm mmm and dont skimp in the maggots


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mmmmmmm fresh Wolf innerds I'll be back for seconds!

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I'm baaaaack. What the hell did they do to my site. It used to be fun.

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