28 weeeks later

28 weeeks later

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Ok so i wen to see 28 weeks later tonigh, and i was very pleased on how it outlined how stupid people could be when there trying to survive! I was horribly disipointed to find the character plot from the first had changed, and to discover that the plot that was reavealed was more gore then movie. I liked it but personaly as a tradishonal horror film love it found it a bit unsetling in plot structure. However it was overall a good movie.SUGETION: go see it for yourself, and you decide on if you like it or not.

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I liked it, but it wasn't near as good as 28 days later. Sorry, but this one seemed to be missing a little here and there. It was gory, I will give it that!! Gotta love the gore baby.

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28 Days Later kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole movie. I was tense when they were tense and I waas worried when they were. This movie changed everything we thought about zombie movies and it scared the heck out me to think it was almost even a foreseeable event. 28 WEEKS Later however.....I was pretty dissappointed overall. The plot was way off in left field from the first. I did like the twist about the disease however. I gave ot a 2 out of 5 stars though.

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i thought 28 weeks was a great movie.one of my favorite horror movies of the last 10 years.

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