2 Bloody Killers

2 Bloody Killers

Tarantella's picture

me i would say micheal myers all the way he never stops take HE IS TOUGH AS NAILS

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sickness's picture

I'm more of a jason man,hes more brutal than mikey.

Danni Phantom's picture

Jason Vorhees. I mean it's a close race both have been killed like dozens of times. I think I just picked Jason cause you had to pick someone and he's my favorite.

DollullaRasputin's picture

I liike them both but I think, MYERS would out smart VORHEES.

stacyroberts23's picture

myers cause it doesnt matter how many times you blow him up or shoot him he keeps coming back for more

jessibr00t4l's picture

This is a reeeeally close one, because they have such similar killing styles. I'm gonna have to vote for Jason because Jared Padalecki is going to be in the remake... but I have no valid reasoning. =/

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