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Balding guy got me

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I want to see this movie but I wil wait for tv or rent I hope it wont disappoint me like so many others not all but some were not all that great.

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Be aware. Contents on 1408 do not meet expectations from the trailers.

Decent chills though; it is definitely one of those movies you have to be in the "creepy" mood for.

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In all standings with this movie there was very little expectations with less delivery than the pizza guy. I was hoping there would be something that kept me watching, but I found that only the acting was good. The script was a little lite on the scariness, which is okay since I did buy Feast (No Script), but at the same tone. I was hoping for something that was a little more like Identity. Instead I got taken for a cheap ride and left in the rain. Good thing I didn't pay to watch this. HA HA HA! The Movie is good for a few jumps here and there.

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I liked it.

At least it entertained me.

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We want to see this movie but we would rent it it sounds good

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I liked it. It wasn't the heading where I thought it was going.

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I must be one of the few who really enjoyed the movie. I read the short story first & the movie actually was better since they added a lot to the storyline.

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I was very disappointed with this movie. It wasn't scary at all...and at time it's was confusing...or maybe i just lost interest. I love Stephen Kings work but this one was a flop.

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i really want to see this. only from the previews it looks like its not straight out of teh book (which i love)

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I loved it!


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