Live or die....

Live or die....

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running in the dark.... the cell phone's dead... finally you enter a room and your back thumps the wall ... your trying to breath but it's something that caught your ears.... the dulling sound of a corps sliding and smacks... right now your thinking ... what the hell is that? the dying thoughts of having some type of light would ease your panic... but would it make it worst... first your body shakes then your teeth chatters.. and now it's getting closer... slowly your creeping against the wall trying to get away from this thing as far as you can but at the end of the wall you hit something and your face is wet and sticky ... all of a sudden his eyes open ... your voice is shot ...not even a scream will save your life .... these eyes peirce your soul and your body can't move ... all your thinking is why me? so thats when he asked ... are you willing to live or are you desparte to die ... if you want to live your still on your own.... but if you want to die i'll take your life right now... so make your choice....

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my response to this is I would rather live unless there was no way to escape from what ever it was that was trying to get me like in rest stop if that happened to me I would rather die if not I would choose to live if it was something I knew how to kill I would fight for my life if not I would heed and be killed or kill myself......

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thats a good answer... cause i read my own stories and i feel like i would just give up cause what do i have to defend my self ? the phone is dead and it's dark ... ha ha ha i like your response .. you should add me ...Japanese Vampire

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Live, to feel the fear...

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Pull out my sword and decapitate his sorry ass. Nobody takin' me down without a fight.

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how can you pull out a sword and you never had anything to defend your self with anyways... that's the whole point of the story... say if you chose to live... what do you think the guy in front of you is going to do to you... other things is something that's kinda slow but it moves at a fine pace... the only thing you can do is throw the cell phone but that would piss him off... it's a win or lose situation... in this case you lost on both side's .... i'm make you a nice story.. something you just might have hope to make it out of...

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No sword? That sucks!! Guess I'll live. See what the other side has in store. I ain't afraid!

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that woud b a drag.

i woud tell him i want 2 die,and look lifeless.

then while hes thinking ill steel his weapon and kill him

or if he didn't have a weapon i woud strangle him

then i'd escape.

2 easy.

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i'll pull out my friend.



it'll give the kook a heart attack!!!

that or some appendage will blow up.

most prefferably, it's head.

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i'd rather just die


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