A New Face

A New Face

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Hi everyone. I'm a new member to FEARnet and this is my first ever post here and I ain't had time to make myself a profile picture. Think I better start thinking bout doing so. Also love the idea of being able to have your own gallery and upload videos.

This is trully one of the best forums ever.

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hello fibrewire and welcome,.hope you enjoy yourself

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HELLo fellow victims! I am also new here. I just discovered this website tonight. Now I have a new place to be tortured and murdered!

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I'm new here as well, but I have been a horror fan since conception (all alone there in the dark and murky womb) must I say more?

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Always nice to have a new live one around! I haven't been on in forever, so I'm catching up w/things here. Welcome aboard!

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Saw this sight on the previews of SAW IV, which was a terrific movie! Put more pieces of the puzzle of the jigsaw together. Hope a SAW V is in the works. Looking forward to wandering thru this site some more.

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After seeing Saw IV lastnight... curious if anyone else who may have seen it thinks there will be a Saw V?

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ha, i just found out about this on the saw IV previews too, thats cool. i got on here to find out i already had a profile that i never knew about. thats kinda funny...

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I just bought the saw IV movie too!!! Isn't that a funny fact that so many people have come to this site because of one little movie. I came to find out what the site was all about because I've never been to a site like this before. I hope to find out some interesting things from interesting people!!!

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Hi. I'm new to this sight.

just wanted to post something to get the first one out of the way.lol.This place is real exciting,nice to know there are lots of people who share my passion for the morbid and undead. Looking forward to spending some time on here......

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Welcome.I'm new here too.This site rocks!!


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