Im new to

Im new to

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Hello all I am new to FEARnet and I already LOVE it i can say that i'm Addicted. I'm hoping to make some great friends on here.

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Hi there....I see you made at least one post. when we can get on together, I will make you a thread over in the off topic forum where I hang with my fearnet family That way, you can meet my friends easier. they will welcome you just like they did me. they're a great group of people.

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Hi there and thank you. I love this site. You have no I have met a really nice Vampire on here like He is so sweet. I will have to introduce you to him. TTYS and thanks for the reply.

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Hello again...finally made it on here. Was planning on getting on earlier, but had things to do to get ready for my daughter's performance.

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Friends are nice to make.Hello.I'm Kristena.

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Hello I am new to Fearnet, but a long time fan of Horror films and books! So a quick howdy and lets commence to flinging body parts about !

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Yeah, yeah, I'm new here. I've always been a fan of horror...books and movies. Looking forward to meeting others of like mind. I;ve been annonomous on this site a few weeks, and decided to actually fill out a profile, because I really like it here. Any VO'ers in here? (Vampyres Only website)

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I'm a Fearnet newbie, But already lovin' it!! Just wanted to say HI!!!

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Fearnet newbie just dropping in to say hello. Hope to see some familiar names on here. I am so wrapped up in horror, I cannot wait for my next scare. Books, movies and experiences are all just a few ways to get my kicks!

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