Would I really be so bad to get mauled by a monster?

Would I really be so bad to get mauled by a monster?

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When my friends and I would walk home and cut through the woods in the middle of the night, or even if I stay too long at someones house and walk home late. people always ask how I do it withough being afraid of whats in the dark, or whats in the woods or whatever....

but really, It wouldnt be THAT bad to be killed by some nasty werewolf/vampire/spectre demon thingy, because at least then you die KNOWING there is something more out there. I would love to get torn to pieces by demon spawn, just because I would KNOW that there is more to life than the everyday monotony, yaknow? Anyway, thats what presses me forward into the darkest scariest places of the earth. I am sure others must feel the same way right? because when I tell my friends, they think I am a nut. (I dont really mind that TO much though)

comone, I know you people are out there!-

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Papercat said it best. Plus think of it this way, if you get mauled by a werewolf or vampire and live you become one and that my friends is power you'd love to have. I also stick my head in places where is probably shouldn't go, like Papercat as long as I knew there was more than what I percieve I can die a happy man.


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Amen. o

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Huh, I never thought about that before. Interesting, I would have to agree.

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An interesting point, but I think I would rather live through an attack so I could research the creature and garner more information.

Mostly, I don't really want to die being torn apart. Sealed


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definitely i lived in haunted houses before i believe in ghosts like i'd see someone out of the corner of my eye walk past me and i'd hear the footsteps as they move, my friend that lived there with me saw it too you wouldn't see anything unless you were by yourself it didn't matter what room either, sadly' no crazy polterguiest action though that's what i really wanna see something that can talk and or move things and having seen ghosts before i believe in life after death but i always wanted to make contact, instead of a warewolf or a vampire i'd rattler be a powerful spirit warewolves and vampires can die but the spirit can only be cast out, i dont really believe the tv ghost shows out there there could be any kind of camera tricks or special effects going on but i'd go anywhere with them to see it myself, i dont really believe in possession but i heard stories that are actually documented with witnesses about people being possessed and having exorecisms so who knows? how do you feel about aliens ?? peace'


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Well I don't really want or need to be mauled by a monster to know that there is someting out there.

I grew up knowing that ghosts are real, seen things first hand all my life. I believe spirits are around us at all times and that loved ones can visit from the other side. Ghosts live with me now and are always opening cubbard doors and knocking about making noises. My boyfriend used to be a sceptic but not anymore, since we've been together he has witnessed many many occurances around my family. I think some people are more sensative to there presence and my family seems to be a magnet to spirits.

As for Vampires and werewolves, and the like, I like to keep them on the screen where horror is fun, the really scary stuff is the stuff of real life, like serial killers and psycho nut jobs out and about in our daily lives looking for thier next victim.  NOW THATS SCARY !!



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Aliens are real.

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...ok heres the deal..brooke hogan,paris hilton,lindsy lohan and britney spears smother me with various parts of their bodies..horrifying demise for sure..but jessica albas bikini clad ass saves my life at the last minuteTongue out


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Yeah at least you know instead of wondering. But than your dead and don't get to rub it in a non-believers face haha. Yet I don't think it would be that bad.


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yeah i kinda agree, i dont believe in anything really....and thats way scarier than any monster could ever be. but i cant lie to myself, never seen anything paranormal in anyway....that is if you dont count experementing with drugs when i was younger, and that just doesnt count. mosters would be a welcome site indeed,lmao.

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