Which killer would you follow?

Which killer would you follow?

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I myself would pick Jason, for the fact that he might look like a softy but he of all killers can kick ass.

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I would have to go with The Tall Man from the Phantasm movies. I know he had a name , but most of the time they referred to him as the Tall man. He was seriously creepy and I am pretty sure that he could give anyone of the newer generation of killers a run for their money!

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Hannibal Lector absolutely. I have so much fun watching everyone he talks to squirm. If I followed him I would have ring side seats. He is such a creep. A crazy psychiatrist is just about the freakiest thing in the world. If only he were a clown on the weekends.

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I would have go with LeatherFace in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! He's knarly

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hmm if i was going for world domination? it would have to be freddy kruegar because there is no where to hide in dreamland and no matter how many times they kill him he keeps coming back. hey you have to sleeo sometime.

but if i wanted something creepy...Alessa from silent hill. you wouldn't expect a liittle girl to do anything until its too late

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Uh like none since I think they are all sick as shit.

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i can't really decide.......so i think i'll just go with freddy kruger.

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I would have to with Chucky. He's just crazy

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i like "Jigsaw". He puts alot of thought into each "murder". I know a few people that I would like to put the reverse bear trap on.

He's not a killer. Those who are killed kill themselves. You better watch the movies again.

Why don't you do what you say you want to do? Don't forget the timer.......

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i would have to be jason because he is kick ass and does not die easy

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As for killers in movies I'd be Jason or good ol Mikey Myers..I also would wanna be Sherry Moon's character in "Devils Rejects" she is hot & twisted!


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