Whats That Ruckus Comin Through The Night?

Whats That Ruckus Comin Through The Night?

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Unafraid of killers

Frightened off most monsters

One day a clown had followed her

Now we've finally lost her.



I am Gothalicious (WITH CHEESE!) Miss Pixie.

my nickname is Pixie. Just Pixie. Drop the Just.

My real name is Rebekah.

I guess I'm new here!

Gen. Info:

-I'm a girl

-I'm 5'0"

-I'm 146 lbs.

-I'm on antidepressants that MADE me 146.

-Dark hair, dark eyes

-I'm often told that I should "chip off some ice from that cold heart and put it in my drink", because I'd get more use out of it

-...I claim it has nothing to do with ice; it has everything to do with me being full of piss and vinegar.

I'm only 17, so I'm pretty "young," but I'm about 24 on the inside.

So don't be afraid to have an intelligent conversation with me- I guarantee I'll hold up FINE.

I'm very diverse, and I'm not really a "goth," but that's a reference to a song by a band I like. if you can guess the band--you definitely are my kinda person. I'm an avid music fan. and I can listen and pick apart music, as well as play. I mostly listen to indie and industrial. A few of my favorite bands are Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Cursive, The Birthday Massacre, Mindless Self Indulgence, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Iron & Wine, The Dresden Dolls, and Death Cab For Cutie. I love music.

I've been watching movies forever! I think my first horror flick I saw when I was, like...three. I think it was Children of the Corn, but I dunno. I know that Nightmare Before Christmas was one of my faves as a kid, and some things never change- I love Tim Burton and his work, and I thought his work on Sweeney Todd was GREAT! (personal opinion) I love Stephen King, which--while he's involved in literature, I LOVE Poe--and I watch waaay too many movies to keep track of my faves. But outside of horror, I like Garden State.

I am also in my second year of Graphic Design, I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon in my itty-bitty left hand. I have my own style, but I like to toy around with Jhonen Vasquez's style.

Oh yeah. And I've been told I talk too much. =p


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Welcome, Pixie! Hope you enjoy it here.

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Nice to meet ya. Im quite a bit older but you seem to be a very nice person and someone my son would love to talk to since he listens to all your music, I know because I have to listen to it also and I have to say I love it too. So is your fav band Gothica ? He would know but he is in his room holed up with the music loud so i cant ask him Glad to have you here. I have been watching movies since they were black and white !! And no blood was allowed to be seen. They are much better now.

We live in Charlottesville which is where Poe (my fav writer) went to school or should I say College ?

He was a deep person prone to depression and took a little too much dope. But a great writer !!

I see where you are into Graphic Design ! Excellent choice ! I keep telling my son to get into things like that they are the future and not to mention lots of fun ! The young are the ones that will lead us into the future so dont think less of yourself for being young ! Be proud of what you are !! You seem like a fine person to me, I would be proud to have you for my kid

Hope to see you around !!

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I like you. That could be me talking, except for the music (I'm a classic rock girl) and the drawing (I have no talent, as much as I would love to have some). I fell in love with Poe in like elementary school, and King soon after. I have a school girl crush on Tim Burton and his work. He is spectacular.

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