the happening

the happening

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the movie was awsom, it could have explained more though. have any of you guys seen it?

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Its Stupid Markety

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its not stupid, it was pretty cool

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its not stupid, it was pretty cool

It Stinked The Markety Was Awful It Remind Me Of

So Fuck You,

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well you can suck my balls

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I-am Sorry But It Stonk


Happy Cat's

E-mail Me

Fuck Yeah In Your Face

Manly Cool

It Was Not Dat Terable

    II Rule

    You Rule
  • Cool As Hell

    [hFuck Yeah]

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    okay so why did it stink?? i haven't seen it yet and i love M. night shamalan's movies. and talking about movies that stink ur signature(national treasure2) godzilla doesn't help your opinion much. That would have been a great movie had they not casted Nick cage. his acting abilities stink. He kinda reminds me of John on days of our lives same tone of voice if he is scared or happy. they both are a bit creepy. lol

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    Not sure if you have seen it since this post Livingdeadnurse, but i to liked Nights earlier movies, but this was a huge let down. It was very predictable. And not sure if u read up about the movie prior, but its actually only a PIECE of the script that he orginally try to get the producers to pick up. The scenes you see in the previews, are the most disturbing. and frankly, Walhbergs acting SUCKED. it had to be the character since i like him in other movies. Dont want to give too much away, but i think you will have the same feel once u seen it.

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    The acting was horrible and the part where the guy's arms got ripped off by the lions

    was straight of the newscaster fight in the alley in 'Anchorman' which was not a compliment.

    Anchorman was supposed to be funny so it was okay that his arm was ripped off that way.

    Besides a lion will immediately go for the throat not bite off your arm up to the elbow and

    just chill afterwards...

    I love his other movies but this one stunk like an old shoe.

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    Who gives a fuck about what the lion would have really done?? It was a damn movie for fucksake!

    It was not as good as Sixth Sense, but over all the other M. Night movies it was cool.

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