Another victim

Another victim

NocturnalSeduction's picture

Hello! Would like to introduce myself! Just wanting to say hello. And that I also got a who would win.

Freddy or Pin Head?

Me, myself, I would say Freddy.

Yea, Def Freddy?

Anybody else?

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katrina rose's picture

deff freddy

demona6's picture

Pin Head doesn't sleep so Freddy has no options, also Freddy has desire which Pinhead will use. DING DING>>>>PINHEAD WINS

TheFourHorsemen's picture

personally, i would say myself, nothing beats a .50 cal sniper rifle shooting from 3 miles using hollow point lead bullets.

TheBeyond105's picture

i think pinhead... like isn't he a deamon from hell? how the fuck do you stop some one whos in hell? unless if freddy had the hell box thing... and pinhead doens't sleep... so maybe when freddy was going through hell, he already met up with pinhead and got his ass kicked.

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