where has clive barker gone

where has clive barker gone

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my fav. author is clive barker he's twisted perverted gruesome articulate and i love it

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Clive barker is my favorite author. His recent series were the "Abarat" books. The series is meant for younger crowd. Disney bought the film rights for a lot of money. He will be at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors con. He was spending a lot of time on his artwork along with a whole bunch of other projects. A remake of Hellraiser is in the works. Check out his official website for more info. Edited by mscenobite on 5/26/2007 at 10:01 CST

I have liked the first two Arabat series, although not as much as some of his more gory works. I still read his "Books of Blood" every six months or so. Classics.

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One of my favorite stories of all time by any author is Cabal...Saw the movie first (Nightbreed), and then had to find the book...Almost a bedtime story about prejudice and man's evil side.

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Clive Barker has recently released a book called Mister B. Gone.

There will be a new film based on one of his stories, the film is called Midnight Meat Train.

I have read Coldheart Canyon and thought it was good, aside from the perverted s and m sexual fasntasies of the characters in the book.

For some reason his books are hard to find anywhere, so I have not had the chance to read his work much.

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It's funny -- for a guy Stephen King once described as "the future of horror fiction," Clive Barker has kind of dropped off the map.

I'm not sure if I have the chronology right, but after his "Books of Blood" short story collections, and his horror novel The Damnation Game, he seems to turn his attention more towards what I guess could be called epic dark fantasy. Weaveworld, Imagica, The Great and Secret Show, Galilee, his young readers "Arabat" books; all these seem to point to what might be his true calling. I've read and loved the first three books mentioned above, so I don't think that's a bad thing. And his more recent Coldheart Canyon shows he hasn't lost his chops in regards to horror.

But I agree, he never quite worked out to be the household name that King suggested (or I expected) he'd become.

Oh well, as long as he continues to do good work...


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Clive is a damn good author. I guess your circle depends on how well known Clive Barker is, granted his name isn't as popular as Kings, but among horror fans his name is usually at the top. I agree about Books of Blood, it has one of my favorite shorts by him. Its the first one in the book I believe, it's called The Yattering and Jack. Not really scary, but damn funny. If none of you have ever seen Clive Barkers A-Z of Horror, you should look for it. It's a fact book on horror films, actors, directors, writers and such. There's some pretty cool shit in there, even things on some real life phycos.

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i read his last book MR. B GONE

i thought it was a shame for the pubilsher to advertise it as Barker's return to horror

it does involve demons, but i'd hardly call it a horror novel (closer to fantasy)

it's a well written book, but the premise didn't exactly blow my mind

i miss the older material

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i think WEAVEWORLD was where Barker started making a full on transition from horror to darker fantasy

sometimes i forget that he wrote THIEF OF ALWAYS, probably his most endearing book, and easily his best written

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Clive is raising his daughter and gearing a lot of his writing toward her. However, if you want to find his work, check ebay, it's packed with Clive's stuff.


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He's had some pretty serious health issues these past couple years.


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