Stephen King Novels

Stephen King Novels

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Stephen King has made numerous novels and short stories which in return many have became full length features. One of my books is the Cycle of the Werewolf-although it is a very short read it had everything that it need to make the story worthwhile. The movie that matches this book closely is named Silver Bullet.

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While King creates some very memorable scenes and outrageous plots, I think the strongest part of his writing is the ability to create characters that the reader can identify with. Pet Semetary is an excellent example of this. The first half of the novel is spent introducing the reader to the family. Nothing really creepy happens until the mid-way point and by then you have come to really worry about the characters. That makes what happens later so much more poignant.

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the novels i love by stephen king is the shining and lisey's story...

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This is a hard one to answer because there are so many. If I could only read one S. King book again for the rest of my life it would have to be IT.

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king is a great writer. if you put together all of the great short stories in night shift i think you have your winner but i dont think that is really fair. for my money there has never been a better novel written than the stand by any writer including king.

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I'm going to go against the norm... Rose Madder... I'm not really sure why... I guess I was really able to relate to the story in a way... how abuse can change you... how monsters create more monsters and no matter how hard you fight to be the person you should have been... there is that other version of you always lurking. I have always wanted to see that made into a movie.

2nd would be Cell just because it didn't feel like a SK book... his books are usually very slow to start and that one just starts right up... was a nice change... I am going to be pissed if that movie sucks

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I have every book SK has written in hard back first edition even the ones he wrote before I knew who he was, with the exception of "The Green Mile" which was a serial novel in paper back, "Cycle of the Werewolf"(paper back only) and the first "Gunslinger" series books which were also paper back only until "Wolves of the Calla". My all time favorite novel by him is "Geralds Game". All I can say is Jessie Burlingame is going to need lots more therapy. It has been 16 years since her encounter with Raymond Andrew Joubert, not to mention lying handcuffed to a bed while her husband has his face eaten by a dog. I bet she can't have sex with the lights off, if she ever had sex again, I also would bet her new head board has no posts, if she has a headboard.

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King has written so many terrific books that it's hard to pick out a Top Five, much less a single favorite. There's also the issue of "favorites" versus "best;" some of his most fun, i.e. scary, books aren't necessarily some of his best-written.

If I had a gun pointed at my head, I'd probably choose 'Salem's Lot as my favorite. It's that good ol' Stephen King scare machine running on all eight cylinders, mixing up pulp thrills and genuine scares.

On the other hand, I love The Dark Tower series so much, that if I could clump all seven volumes into one fat book, that'd be my favorite. King has described the Roland saga as his magnum opus, the summation of his life's work. In my opinion, IT is his most important (non-series) novel in the Dark Tower mythos. So maybe that would be my nomination for favorite, as it incorporates elements of everything he does.

Great question! Hard to answer, though...


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stephen king Rocks he is truly the master of horror noveles

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I love the books The Shining,The Dark Half,Salems lot,Rose Madder and many more...

Stephen King is one of my favourite Authors, I like the blend of the ordinary with the extarordinary.


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