What are votes? (merged)

What are votes? (merged)

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Just wondering what are votes for?

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Is there a way to vote?

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Is there a way to vote? I only have 1! What a looser I am.

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Ok Ive done a short research and figured out votes are just to show appriciation. Its kind of like a popularity contest, too.

To vote for someone you like (or dont like.) just go to their profile by clicking there name in the forum or looking them up, and where you see the stars, just click which star you think they deserve. 5 beign the most, 1 being the least. It averages out, if it was lower and you give them a higher rating, their average goes up slightly, if you give them a low vote and they had a higher score, their total stars decreases a little.

Did this help at all for anyone? I guess its just to show how well or respected member you are. I noticed a girl with over 100 votes and she had over 4 stars. Wow. She must be pretty popular.

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rumor is they give you nothing,just shows some of all who voted you

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i dont know what there for but i found the best way to get a lot of votes is to never leave except my back and my butt starts to hurt after a while!

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:well, how do you vote

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But I don't think i'm doing so well

I have a very low rating :/

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I only have 2 votes

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Is there a way to know who voted for you?

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Is there a way to know who voted for you?

Not right now, no.


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