How to find movie, if movie title is not known?

How to find movie, if movie title is not known?

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:moon; Can anyone help with these movie titles?

MovieI George C. Scott in a haunted house premise;80's movie poster depicts; baby carriage being pushed by,"unknown entity." MovieII; Karen Black, is in 70's starring role, becomes possessed by house.

MovieIII;This is an old,"B-movie" blk & Wht,50's movie

Man is injected by a mad scientist, when he awakens, he notices, "Lordy!" "I'm growing a second head!

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The one with George C. Scott is The Changeling

The one with Karen Black sounds like Burnt Offerings

Not sure on the third

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3 is either "The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant" (1971) or "The Thing with Two Heads" (1972). Been a long time since I've seen either of them. Hilariously awful stuff.

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Thanks for the info

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2 save u time first thing i'd do is ask the crew-here then try 2 recall the writer with all the info you've provided no problem

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lookin for a movie sometime in the 80' scene was a dark pond or lake with zombie soldiers coming up slowly and start walkin towards the shore.don't know who stars but all I know is its a zombie movie.been lookin for it for some time now,I know with the infoI've provided is not much but greatly appreciate it if someone can help me w/ it...

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That one sounds a bit like 1977's Shock Waves with the late great Peter Cushing.

Any help?

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