Free Movie Size

Free Movie Size

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How do I change the movie size, other than just the enlarge button on the free movies/trailers on the video channels? I would like to have it be full screen if available.

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There isn't a full screen option right now. I think we're all hoping to get one soon!

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First off, make sure that you have used the "enlarge" option to switch to bigger format. To do this, hover the mouse over the video until the controls appear, click the "enlarge" button.

Second, if you are using Internet Explorer 7, you can zoom in on the content. The IE zoom control is on the status bar in the lower right corner. I find that 200 works nicely to fill the screen. You will have to adjust to your configuration. You can also clear away things like the title bar, status bar, address bar and tabs by going "Full Screen". To do this, press F11. When in "Full Screen" mode, pressing F11 will bring you back to normal mode.

Alternately, if you aren't running Internet Explorer 7 or a browser that doesn't let you zoom, you can try lowering your screen resolution.

In addition, you can reclaim more screen space for the movie by "auto-hiding" the tool bar.

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that was very helpful, ty

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true that randy sh u illuminated them completely thanks 4 that 1 i'm sure they all appreciated it i know i surely would have greatwork

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