comcastcable question

comcastcable question

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Is it possible to get comcast cable for only a few months like 3 or do u have to pay it as a yr contract or something...

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Hey Billybc. You can get Comcast for as long as you want. My family has digital Cable, internet and telephone service for 100. bucks a month. They garuntee you that price, (here in Baltimore Maryland), for one year. You can cancel at anytime you are unhappy, no contract to sign, YIPEEEE. I believe there number is 1-800-comcast. Good luck to you.......

All cival e-mails welcome!!!!

MYSTERIOUS's picture true that's what i did as well run it billybc run-it

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do u kno if there is a cancellation fee if u have it for a couple month then cancel it?

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There's no fee, just the return of equipment. Make sure you get a contemporary modem, 11 amp. Earlier versions were sent out with a 9 amp power supply for an 11 amp modem--leads to lost packets, crappy downloads. I also urge you to investigate wireless service in your area, since comcast is a freakin' bloodsucker.

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you can get it for as long as you want it no contract...

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