Where is FEARnet on demand?

Where is FEARnet on demand?

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that's pretty much my question

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that's pretty much my question

I can get it from two different places. The first is being in Northern Virginia and a Comcast subscriber its channel 166 or I can access it from the regular Comcast on demand channel, just scroll down to Fearnet. Good luck.

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First you go to the On Demand main menu, go to free movies, then fearnet's on the first page

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So you can only order it from comcast? that sucks. I don't have comcast. I thought it was something where you can go to fearnet.com and sign up for,to be able to get it for any cable program. No wonder ive been looking all over this site,and haven't found anything talking about ordering it for tv. hmph

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You should definitely consider ordering Comcast On Demand so that you can get Fearnet On Demand...it's definetly worth it!!

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