Unable to watch movies

Unable to watch movies

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I have been able to watch movies on the website for the past two weeks. However, this weekend, I have been unable to watch any movie. When I click on the movie link, it takes me to a new page showing a screen for an advertisement. But the niether the advertisement nor the movie I select plays. Any suggestions? I have not changed any of my coputer settings. Thanks in advance.

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Hi! Well- I've found that Fearnet and Explorer as well as Firefox do not play well together. I had to download Safari to get the movies to work at all...and to view community videos. I don't know why this is but it seems to have worked. Actually, Firefox has been having LOTS of troubles! It keeps shutting down as soon as I open it! I've just been using Safari for the past week or two. Maybe this will help you and others! I hope so anyway...

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I was able to watch movies a month ago. then all of a sudden this comes up (the video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location" ).  What is going on here? Then 4 days after that I was able to again.  And now I cant again same thins.  the video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location" is my problem. ...


Is there someone from this site that can help?  I was told that it wont eccept the IP address .  That is shows Iam out of country, but I am not, I am in Florida

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how do you watch movies that have left fearnet or have been removed or replaced by other movies

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Hey insane, there are several wabsites where you can watch movies for free. Be careful though because some are illegal. I just tried to get on the one that I usually use and got a message saying that the site had been siezed by the Department of Justice. Ooops. The best and safest way is to buy them.



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