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What are the theories about Buried Alive?

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I'd say so, its definatly like saw, but saw is lit bit more scary and more thought out.

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The girl in the bubble wrap finds a necklace and starts freaking out about it. It makes me think this is a reminder of something she has done to deseserve to be there , in her abducter's mind anyway.

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i hope there's not some kind of plot that will ruin the overall feel of it, its definitely scarier than saw though

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Thanks for the YouTube mention!

Took me awhile but I found the videos there too... it looks like it is part of the series some how cause the page has the characters pictures on it...

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Yes but I couldn't read anything anyone else have an idea ofwhat it said?

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Not sure what the writting says looks like it says

been too lone

be good to

the rest is ripped where the face is on the pic. also wonder what video she is watching on her phone sounds like it might be her abduction based on the video on you tube. Anyone get the number from ricks arm from In the Begininng video. Looks like a phone number 323 area code in LA. On his other arm it says Save your breath.

All the posts on you tube look like it is from the killer of each persons abduction. FriendofFredWest, Fred West was a serial killer in England who killed himself.Very strange. Cant wait for more clues

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The number is 323 322 1233. It took me awhile to get it.

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hey ya'll....

is Buried Alive on DVD yet? i'm not much a movie goer....

not when i can drink and relax at home for 20 bucks a month with NetFlix, hehehehe...

hey, are there any smilies in this forum?

i'm addicted to "smilies" and they really show my fun loving personality, woo hooooooo :-)

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did anyone noticed that the number on the first guy's arm looked like a cellphone number

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yea tried text messageing it but got no reply anyone try calling it?I think the number is 323-322-1235


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