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So we are led to believe!!! myself, I think its not travis we will be talking to tonite....

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So Travis and Melanie rescued Becca. Where is she? Did travis Kill her too? Why was Travis being so nice to Becca, did he have a crush on her too? And who is the father of Becca's baby?

Too many questions left unanswered. Hope there is at least one more episode that answers some of them.

outpost31's picture

I like the girl in the bubble wrap coffin. It looks like a womb. What is up with the necklace?

raconeyz's picture

I know. Its the other 1/2 of her best friends forever necklace. The killer got it off the neck of her dead best friend after he gutted her!!! (god i'm good)

scott6937670's picture

I think the killer is leaving them a clue for some past "sin" for which he thinks they deserve to die.

UnitZ's picture

i think the bubble wrap one is the creepiest, that one and "slow hearse" i think this would make a good movie

scott6937670's picture

I thought those might hve been empty casings I'll have to watch it again.

outpost31's picture

Baby doll coffin the best. That girl can scream. Could have used more drill though.

pmotsuk's picture

scott6937670, I also thought they were casings.

greeneyes3855's picture

same here I thought the "bubble wrap" is a womb her getting sick and a baby's faint cry in the background...either she IS pregnant or WAS ...


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