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Forum Rules

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Last Updated 3/19/2007


FEARnet memberships are at will. If you no longer wish to be a member of FEARnet email listing your name, and username so a FEARnet board administrator can delete your account. If FEARnet board administrators deem your actions or postings as inappropriate, they may at any time restrict or delete your account.

When members are deleted unfortunately by technical side effect their posts are deleted as well. FEARnet does not make a habit of deleting posts or threads. Only in extreme circumstances would an entire thread or several posts be deleted. Deletions of posts and threads members have seen in the past may be due to the creator of that threads membership being deleted. This isnÆt George OwellÆs 1984, we arenÆt trying to erase the existence of previous members! This is merely a technical issue that when the username is deleted, the postings made by that username and the threads created by that member are deleted as well.


Racist, sexist, images or languages within the image that defame or insult a personÆs religion, sexual preference, lifestyle preference, or ethnicity are not permitted.

Although this is subjective and some are offended easily, when in question, donÆt say it.

Profanities used in general conversation as a descriptive form is permitted; however, profanity is not permitted when a user directs these words at another user. Usually, profanities used as adjectives are okay, as long as they are not directed at other users. Profanities used as verbs or nouns are generally not accepted.

ADJECTIVE: Your mom is Fucking hot. û Fine, a little weird but fine.

VERB: Fuck your mom. û Not fine and fighting words where we come from.

Again, if you are in doubt, refrain.


Nude images in good taste are acceptable. What determines good taste? If you are in question, it probably isnÆt good taste.

Nude images will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Although the nature of FEARnet is essentially R rated, that does not mean users can post X rated materials.

Nudity used for artistic expression is acceptable. Although the latest picture of Britney Spears exiting a vehicle commando may be entertaining, itÆs hardly BotticelliÆs birth of Venus.

Scantily-clad images are acceptable in proper context.

Racist, sexist, images or languages within the image that defame or insult a personÆs religion, sexual preference, lifestyle preference, or ethnicity are not permitted.

Threads & Posting

Threads with racist, sexist or discriminatory topics or messages with the intent to offend a personÆs religion, sexual preference, lifestyle preference, or ethnicity are not permitted.

Threads meant to start fights are unacceptable. If you start a thread with the intention of stirring an argument, you probably shouldnÆt start it. FEARnet insists that members breed healthy conversation and avoid arguments, and above all flame wars if a tension thread happens to be started.

When posting please use intelligent arguments to support your opinions displayed in your posts.

Just because you are not a Tara Reid fan does not mean that there arenÆt Tara Reid fans somewhere in the community. By saying I HATE TARA REID in a thread dedicated to blonde B-listed Hollywood actresses in the Off Topic section, you are beginning an argument with a potential Tara Reid fan. Even if an argument does not ensue, this person may feel uncomfortable enough to cease posting on FEARnet creating just as negative effects as an argument for our community.

Keep in mind that æbecauseÆ or some sort of explanation should always follow a highly negative statement.

_______SUCKS - Not Acceptable

_______SUCKS because the cinematography was weak, the acting was below par and the plot lines had noticeable holes û Acceptable

Disagreement is acceptable and encouraged to fuel inspiring, healthy, engaging conversation, however, disagreement must be discussed in the most mature way.

When you quote material from a post with inappropriate material, you are in violation as well! Let the thread die, or let a moderator handle the situation.

Also, when posting to a thread you are unfamiliar with, be sure to read the thread and know what has been going on within it before posting. What you are about to post may have already been posted on an earlier page and may cause friction among other members.

Spamming (our way of saying being annoying)

LetÆs face it, spamming of any sort is annoying to everyone except the spammer.

Starting threads called Spam? û Obviously a big no.

We are changing our policy on signature images. Please only include one signature. Multiple signatures will cause us to edit or delete your posts.

Bumping a thread because you feel it holds value to the community is fine, bumping threads to boost your post count or intentionally annoy no longer tolerated.

Search first, start later. When you decide you have the latest breakthrough idea for the greatest topic in the FEARnet community, search first. If someone has already started a thread similar, resurrect the thread and reveal your brilliancy on the topic. If no one in the community has thought of this luminous idea, start the thread and post away!

Excessive promotion or ad spam will not be tolerated. No one cares that you won a free PSP by answering 75,000 questions, signing up for 40 newspaper subscriptions, exploiting your friends and first born, and selling your soul to the devil. If you legitimately find a great deal on a PSP and would like to share with your fellow victims, post in the Community under the Trades and Online Deals topic.

Illegal Activities

Do not promote or solicit illegal activities within or on the site, or to members.

Physical threats

Sexual threats

Illegally breaching copyrighted material of all kinds

Promotion or threats û spamming/hacking this or any site

Posting sites with illegal downloads

When you quote material from a post with illegal material you are in violation as well! Let the thread die, or let a moderator handle the situation.

DonÆt take part in illegal activities of any kind on

WeÆve all seen To Catch a Predator, donÆt end up handcuffed face to concrete with a box of Trojans, wine coolers, and silly string after a heated chat with a 12 year old because you thought the Dateline crew wouldnÆt find you on FEARnet. Chris Hansen is everywhere. Please donÆt do it hereàor anywhere for that matter.

Always refer back to the FEARnet Terms of Use page when something is not clear or feel free to private message a moderator for further clarification.

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