Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams

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Buried Alive

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Does anyone else think they/he are being particularly cruel to Curtis? First, they bolt that helmet to his head. Clearly, he's hurting the most, and he kept begging for his medication. The latest batch of YouTube vids shows him having a seizure at the "Housewarming" party, so he's either epileptic or he was having a diabetic seizure. Then "Rick" (I don't think ti was actually Rick) tortured him by promising food but sending down a hypodermic needle point down instead! He seems particularly angry with Curtis, and may end up killing him from sheer neglect!

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I hope he kills Curtis quick cause the sound of his voice causes me to lose my lunch.

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Anyone notice that Rick seemed to be the only one not witness to Curtis's dirt nap?

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lol dirt nap

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Hey... anyone think Curtis is still in this?

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Hey... anyone think Curtis is still in this?

Not unless he owns a big white belt.

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what does he mean medicine is it seizure meds?

i don't think its insulin

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