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We haven't talked about these yet. Let's hear it.

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VERY GOOD IDEA OLOXISS!!!! (sorry guy with the pig avatar it was a good thought though dont u think? A person feeding us clues?? LOL)

Ok the nightmares first does anyone have a way for me to see 1? is there a 1 I dont believe i have seen one and cant find it. The theme of the nightmares seem to be 1: babies, in utero, crying, etc. 2: Pigs, it looks like 2 pigs feet hangin at the beginning of one of them, also lots of pig skulls (or the same one alot of times) The fusion of a face (Tommys?) and a pigskull, the distorted face in different fazes of distortion? or different faces?. 3: the distorted faces, and whats their meanings?

How are these tied together, could it be tommy in the videos (as it looks like his hair, and a younger guys upper body so not a girl) If it is tommy is he willing? or is that why he is missing in action, yet to be the 6th buried body?

How do these Nightmares tie into it all? I understand the baby... ohhhh the pigs tying into Hayden? his hog automotive? yes I bet that is. Clueing us to his nightmares possibly? Hayden and the baby seem to be the biggest theme then of the Nightmares, now to figure why.

on a side note it has been bugging me that in the comercial number 2 that they pan around the shop and close up on the flag and u can see the ceiling isnt complete and there are things up there. Can the coffins be in or around or both to his shop? As it seems isolated enough. Has anyone figured out where his shop is? As per real life if we are supposed to find it. Or are we supposed to lead Mel there? to search the shop?

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Melanie mentions that RHA is in Reseda. That's just west of Kester and Sun Valley. There's a railroad about three miles north, and Topanga beach is about ten miles south. I'm betting that's where they are.

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I want to know who Mystery Mutant is. The thing in the wheelchair.

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Maybe kiwis are mutagenic.

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I want to know who Mystery Mutant is. The thing in the wheelchair.

My first impression was Tommy made up, younger guys body, longish dark hair?

hmmm just had a thought.... could these mutant things in the nightmares mean that the baby is possibly a related baby? As in the father is related to becca? and that becca just doesnt know it?

The nightmares could be either pointing us to hayden or pointing out that daddy is a "PIG" knowing he has gotten a family member pregnant? The "brother i never knew i had" theory.

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Nightmare number 5 is up on FoFw's youtube site!!!

Its the video of sage and rick making out and more and the videographer scratching them out on the video... like all the pictures are scratched out... then the eye..

What does this mean???

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i thinks the eye symbolizes he's always watching them, he gets all this footage and personal stuff about them and still nobody knows who it is?

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Well, from our most recent video, I think that our mystery mutant may just be Tommy!! It sounds like Tommy tried to kill himself and failed.....which could lead to a very deformed face.

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We got two options on WHEN Tommy's suicide attempt was. It could have been when he took all of Wylie's drugs at once, which puts the event before November 14, 2006. Or it could have been after that, and if so, most likely after September 05, 2007, because Rick saw him film Becca reveal her pregnancy. Depends on Rick's definition of 'disappeared.' If he meant that Tommy just suddenly wasn't around as much anymore, then it could have been any time. But if he meant 'that was the last time we saw that little freak ever again,' definitely after September 05.

We also have two options about the suicide itself. Real or faked for public reaction? Travis and Tommy seem to be better friends than the group is supposed to know; I think Travis spurning him in front of Rick and Curtis is a show, because twice after that we see Travis friendly to Tommy (going to buy the gun and giving Becca the necklace). Tommy could have faked a suicide and now be using Travis as his 'familiar,' so to speak, to be getting stuff done in the light of day.

Or if it was a real attempt, that could cause sympathy revenge from Travis... FOFW by night, feeds Tommy kiwi in the wheelchair by day. Or, if he's related to Hayden (as I think he is), Hayden could be FOFW.

Let's not forget the cryptic exchange between Tommy and Travis in the car before going to Wylie. Travis seems to be wearing something that Tommy, to be honest, can kinda see. Travis says he can barely see it on himself, don't worry about it. Make-up wizards? Tommy seems to be checking his black eye in the mirror... fake? There may be no mystery mutant at all if they're both adept at special effects makeup (and remember that make up artists are often inspired by slasher flicks, which feature people like Fred West). Or maybe there IS a mutant... Wylie doesn't say anything about Travis' appearance. Could what he's wearing be to HIDE something?

I just hope it doesn't turn out to be, "Look, Travis was a girl this whole time! See, he was wearing a thin rubber mask ha ha!"

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I thought that Travis was asking Tommy if he saw the camera or not. I thought he hid it because they didn't want Wylie to know they were taping her, especially with them talking about her selling prescription drugs. And with Tommy asking her about a gun, you know Wylie would have probably kicked his ass if she knew that they were taping it!!


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