i am legend

i am legend

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YAY I LOVED I AM LEGEND!!!what did u think

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I thought it was excellent. The book was different but the movie was still excellent.


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I thought I Am Legend was boring and a waste of time.

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I'm pretty excited about this! I'll probably wait for DVD though. I'm a casual fan of Will Smith anyway, so obviously I want to see him play with zombies. I didn't know there was a book, I'm going to look for that...

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The book was really good. I have not had a chance to get in and catch the movie yet. I will probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

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This movie was very good! The plot was awesome and Will Smith did an awesome job! Not a slasher, gore film and it wasn't made to be one so it was really good for what it was suppose to be!

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I really want to see that movie, it sounds awesome.

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HAHAHA. that movie was the biggest borefest ive ever in my life seen. heres the plot, he walks around in an empty city for 2 of the longest hours of your life. the end. will smith you disapoint me. i demanded my money back after that piece of crap. i felt so shitty after seeing it i went to see national treature 2. sorry to thoes that liked it but i just dont see what there is to like. a friend of mine said she liked it just because will smith is in it and i just have to say i hope the people here have a better reason for liking this movie than that...

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I think that the movies was okay but i think that it could have been scarier. I think that there was a small wow factor in the movie and it kept my attention but i wasnt scared out of my pants at all. But i still would give it thumbs up.


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One of my favs. Loved the movie. Bought the movie on DVD with the extra contraversial ending and think both ending are pretty cool, though the original is my favorite. Kinda curious to see the movie it was remade from. Be neat to see the differences. The Omega Man.

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I am Legend was an "okay" movie, but the book is better.

It didn't even really follow the book.



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