Any more ARGs like this one?

Any more ARGs like this one?

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What's everyone playing out there?

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All Flesh Must Be Eaten. It's a zombie RPG and it's actually pretty cool. It's nice and open so you're free to come up with just about anything, it's easy to play and has tons of cool little tidbits in it.


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Me and my friends are creating a space zombie game, except the Zombies aren't Zombies. Its centered around an rescue mission of a bunch of Space Pirate Mercenaries (For lack of a better way to describe them) by there former captain. But the story will change throughout the game, I can't tell you much cause it will give away the surprises. If you want to see anything in there you like just give me a hollar


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I'm thoroughly loyal to the Silent Hill franchise.

Siren was good too, though.


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