reflections of inner pain

reflections of inner pain

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Dripping with enthusiasm,

Crying out in shame,

washing tears with blood soaked hands,

feeling muscles strain

I see my victim ,

laying lifeless in his own damned blood,

looking down, i slowly relize what it is ive done,

He is dead, I alive, and alone to blame

Looking down, but once more,

I notice something new

on his hand

it holds a scar

it is one i knew

As i flip this body over

fear comes over me

looking at this dead mans face

i notice he is me

falling down onto my knees

i begin to pray

what has happened?

what was done?

how could this end this way?

Nauseated by the scene

I begin to choke up blood

what has happened ?

i cant explain

Never knowing what ive done.

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I likeee....

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