City of Dis: Birth of a Reaper

City of Dis: Birth of a Reaper

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Come on Julius, hurry up and let�s get out of here. I�m freezin� my butt off,� said a young brunette who was fashioned in cheap high heels and wearing skimpy spring attire in the middle of a freezing rain storm. The only warmth she owned was an expensiv

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finish'll recieve more responses....Cancer



And add more detail it'll be more like stephen king....

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huh? it cuts off at expensiv what? thats not a story are we suppose to add on for you ok:


expansive pair of leather gloves though they were cut off at the fingers, so the job of keeping her soft pale hands warm was only half done. As they entered the bar julius slips on a small puddle of water, as hes sliding he hits this tall dark crimson type male in the back of the knee with his foot. Petrified that julius was going to get beat down by a bunch of bar hoppers from a small remote townthe girl grabs the male and gets thrown across the bar....


anyone else wanna add?

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