fearnet folly

fearnet folly

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what happened to fearnet why is it beta?how come movies and everything elsedoesntwork/SUPPOSED TO BE A LIVE CHAT IN HERE SOME WHERE CAN ANY BODY ELSE FIND IT?to be honest i believed this was a fake web page,anyone know how to get the hell out of this beta crap?why do these movies jump and freeze so much,its not my expensive computer .you can contact me at ghostdave2008@yahoo.com,i dont have faith in this message board,thanks,i appreciate you guys.

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this beta shit sucks, who ever thought this would be some kind of upgrade is beyond me.

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How do you even post the latest comments??? i hate this new stuff!!!

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the site is having a major make over & it isnt complete yet ..... things are defo being sorted out though (i know for a fact) so just sit tight

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thanx brother KLONZ !! PEEPS come on here & think IT'S a BETA SITE cause things are under new management & under construction 2 make it better 4 us & all that come here, 2 stay up with the times of the tech times of today & talk CRAP about our site !!! I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY !!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SITE THEN GO BACK 2 WHAT EVER SITE THAT YOU KRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER!!! SUCH AS GAYBOOK OR TWEEKER!!!!

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