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i want to go back to the old format becuase this one is horrible.what do the rest of you think.

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yes i agree 100%. they should put it back 2 the way it was. how do u get 2 ur playlist? i cannot find it anywhere and i feel like an

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You should visit the off topic forum and enter the insane asylum you will see that you are not alone.


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i actually think its better than the old one...besides the fact that when ever i reply to someones blog it isnt showing up and i get pissed off and keep pushing post and it ends up showing up like 2-5 times

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but i think the background color should be changed...its too bright!

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it's blinding.Cool

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I am so disappointed about the new web site set up. All of my saved videos, I can't watch anymore & I can't figure out how to save to new free movie videos either? Do u know how to so this? Any help would be appreciated. Also if u have any questions about the web site there is no contact us area to click on. What's up w/ this whole set up?





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I agree. The new layout sucks. It's too much like myspace. Lol

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ppl ppl :Its still underconstructin it takes time give it time ,funny dont like change you hated driving a ford Pinto back in the day but loved the BMW change give it time change might be good.....In closing id like to say Tootie fucking fruity lol

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this thread is redundant , this is 4 years old, this is about our lost site not this one you dummies!!!LOL

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