Home Haunt Contest

Home Haunt Contest

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hey what do you all think of the home haunt contest. w

which vids do you like? dislike?

also does anyone know why its not working right now

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so far i'd have to say your video is the best [and apparently 90 sum others agree] but it doesn't quite show the experience of the haunt, nor the building. i think it would be really cool if you could put something in that shows how you made your house into the haunt. Same for the rest of you guys, this is about changing your house in the the best haunt ever, not just showing video of tweens screaming. speaking of screaming tweens, i watched DJParty's video and a LOT of the people were touched by the "haunters" and i don't think thats right for three reasons: one, adverse reactions to being touched are very likely, two, the hells gate haunt says right in the video you would not get touched and i think that is how all haunts should be [for example all of cedar point's haunts] and three, scaring people until they shit themselves or stampede out of the place may seem cool but that is not why i go to haunted houses.

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sure that'd be cool. of course there's no way to connect the voted videos to anything here on the forums =( the contest is cool and all its just a bit disorganized.

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You're kidding, right?  I've had to re-read your posts several times to make sure I'm reading them correctly.  Every entry into this competition is doing this for the shear joy of providing entertainment to their respective neighbors.  Neither one of you are in a position to judge these people, their methods, nor their music.  It is simply the best that each one can do, whether it's touching peoples ankles or using Midnight Syndicate's music, or whatever it is they can afford to simply put on the best show.  No one should be criticizing what someone else does or doesn't do to make their own haunt appear superior.  And De Boo - if you don't go to haunted houses to be scared, then exactly why do you go? - I'm assuming you are one of those people that go through and criticize everything and poo-poo all the props and actors and ruin the experience for everyone else - just like you're trying to do here.  And who cares where the music comes from - the haunted houses are for fun - don't you get it?  If we all lived in your world of copyrights and purchased soundtracks from Skulltronics, then we'd all be sued for playing Jingle Bells and White Christmas in our Christmas displays as well.  I'll vote you guys a 1 star for bad sportsmanship.  Shame on you.

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why would you vote me one star cause of something he said, he has nothing to do with our house first off.

Second off i want to apologize for coming off as a jerk, we just worked really hard to make sure we followed all the rules, and i just got frustrated when it seemed it was for nothing. 

No we do not have thousands of dollars, are haunt has just gradually grown over the years it started off 10 years ago as a few pumpkins and strobe lights and now we got the several thousand square foot monstrosity that it is today.

Let me let you know of something and ill let everyone else know this too.

We do this because we love it and we have put every once of creativity, energy, and poured our hearts and souls into this project.  Me and my friend are 16 years old, we threw away our ENTIRE summers to devote to this project. We did not sleep in all summer, it was wake up at 8 work till it was too dark to see, then get out the spot lights and work till we were ready to fall asleep.  EVERY day of the summer i kid you not.  We have also put every penny we have into this.  We have not bought anything for ourselves outside of the haunted house in around 6 months, we have saved and saved.  The last week of the haunted house we were paying for the last cans of spray paint with pennies we found all over the house because we had to finish the entrance.  We have had to deal with every inspector, fire marshall, zoning laws and any other city problems we could have. And why did we do all of this, we did it because for 2 nights in october we get to scare everyone that steps foot on our property and not a single other reason.

Let it be know that i think all of the other haunts on there are awsome and i know everyone on here has worked there butts off and been through the same problems that we have and we all do it because we love doing it. 

Also we didnt get skulltronix to do our voice, my friend did it for us, he is really amazing at voice overs and he helped us out. And the touching thing is all a matter of opinion and risk, if people want to grab people in there haunted house thats sweet it added to the excitement and level of intensity, i just have heard horror stories about people getting charged and arrested from touching guests.

Dont think of us as jerks or as anything negative we love haunted house and halloween more than anything in this world. Sorry i came off so strong.



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Anyone else have trouble uploading their home haunt contest video? I tried it twice tonight. After I start the upload, the screen freezes for a while (I assume it's uploading), then I just get a FearNet banner at the top of a gray screen. There's no acknowledgment of getting the video at all. There was also no entry form information to fill out. Is that the way it worked for you folks?   -- Jim (Taurus55)

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looks like your vid is up today. at least i think thats you lol

looks great btw.

but fearnet has been having issues with the contest since the begining with little errors and stuff, but they fix them all really quickly. Also if you continue to have problems, upload the video to fearnet's main site, then contact them and they can upload it to contest page.

hope this helps

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I see it finally made it to the contest page today. (Yes, "Valut of Horror" is our yard/garage.) Thanks for the input. Good luck to all.

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how long did it take you all to get your video posted from the time you entered the contest. I have entered a clip two days ago and no one will answer me to let me know they even got it and when it will be shown online . can you all help



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