Saw V

Saw V

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Has anyone seen this yet? Am I the only one to start a thread on this? For all you die hard Saw fans, what did you think?

In quantity of gore, I think IV was gorier. There were two traps that were gory in this one (imo), the pendulum and the saw bench trap that you see in the commercial.

now on to SPOILERS:

It took me a while to figure out that the pendulum trap was not designed to set one free. I saw that he put one hand in the unlocking device, but did he put both hands in? Obviously, the pendulum swinging was drawn out for gore factor. I didn't quite catch on that the trap was before the first Saw even took place. Maybe it wasn't quite obvious until it was shown with Hoffman and Jigsaw.

I did like how you saw jigsaw taking Hoffman through the set ups of the traps in Saw 1-3. Especially the opening of saw 2 (the gun door one). I do suppose that is the only way in which to keep Tobin Bell a part of this by now.

The neck decapitation trap got me when you see all the chains snap back when the time was up. I fall for these every time and didn't realize how easy it would have been for them all to work together. Really, one of jigsaws easier tests, if they all would have worked together.

The ending was great when you see Hoffman in the box and the blood is spattering all over the clear box as Strahm's body is being crushed.

I would like to know what was in the box that Jill happened and what is she to do? Her character seemed to quickly fade after she closed the box. Also, I want to know what is going to happen to the detective after he realizes Hoffman is apart of the work of Jigsaw. Overall, I still love the series, unlike other horror sequels, the storyline still flows from one to the next and keeps it alive and interesting. It wasn't one of the gorier ones and the traps were pretty simple, but I like that. Simpler can be better.

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Shhhhhhh i havent seen it yet! lol i didnt read it so yeah lol ima go on sunday to watch it Tongue out

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I wouldn't say disappointed but did expect more. Maybe I have caught on 2 his wording & better able 2 understand what jigsaw was saying so figured out most of the movie in the first 15mins. I enjoyed the pendelum, hands getting sawed & strahm's body being crushed. If his dumb ass would have gotten in the box. The only part that made me jump is when strahm stabbed a pen in his throat DAMN. Now that's a man that want's 2 live lol. It answered my Q on what happen 2 the little girl & y all those cops but the cops son in SAW 3 is he free or still in the safe waiting 4 daddy? I will go c SAW 6 & any SAW's 2 follow!

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this message board is a dead zone.

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Way too many flashbacks. I wanted to be in the rooms more with the current characters. BUT what was up with that dude who made it to the end with the real estate chick? He was super annoying and kept on yelling at the top of his lungs questions at people that would never be real priority in a situation like that...."WHAT DO YOU DO GODDAMITT!!!"

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I will most likely get the DVD when it comes out and watch it then. Theaters annoy me with noisy people and whining kids....plsu, the DVDs always have extras that are well-worth the money, so I will save my theater money and use it on the DVD.

The SAW series always flows smoothly, with unexpected turns and twists, and the story doesn't get old, unlikie some other horror series' out there. I love it that they continue to fill the screen with gore, horror, and twisted mindsets.

Between the SAW and Hostel series', I definitely get my horror fix fulfilled.

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I cannot get enough of SAW. I own all of the uncut, unrated DVDs. I recently went to see it at the theater a few days ago. It's brilliant. See it for yourself :) Now I have to wait until next October for Saw 6!

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It should be coming out on dvd in January like it always does.  I'll be interested in seeing the extras on it.

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There's a new one coming out this year. The first few were good, but now I think they're just overdoing it.

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This movie completely confused me. I have watched it 3 times now and I still don't understand all of it. LOL  Did they ever show what is in that box that his wife got?


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I liked this movie. It fit with the other one perfectly. They will probabaly show what in the boxes his ex-wife has in 6th. they got to end with something that will make people wacth the next one just to get the answer to thier quesions.

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