Eclectic queer chick seeks same for friend-dom

Eclectic queer chick seeks same for friend-dom

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My name's Katie, a thirtysomething queer chick.  Recently, I've found that I can't get enough horror movies; the more controversial and gory, the better.  I'm hoping to try to find some other cool people - male and female - to talk to about horror stuff with since my partners aren't as hardcore into it as I am.  I love 80's horror and 60's & 70's "B-movie" movies especially, as well as Asian movies (i.e. "Ju-on" as opposed to "The Grudge"; "Chakushin Ari" as opposed to "One Missed Call").  I'm not averse to subtitles or squeamish about anything except rape scenes.  I'd love especially to find other women (queer a plus) to talk to.

So there ya go.  I don't quite know what passes for an introduction around here, but this is mine.

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Well I'm not queer or female but I LOVE J-horror and B movies as well. :)

Since you are not afraid of subtitles have you seen the Spanish film " The Orphanage " yet ?

I thought it was excellent.


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