The Real Ghostbusters on DVD!!

The Real Ghostbusters on DVD!!

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Who remembers “The Real Ghostbusters?” I grew up watching the show in the late 80s, and I’m excited to announce the entire series is coming to DVD on November 15. The set contains a staggering 25 DVDs, archiving every single episode (and episodes of “Slimmer,” too!), with tons of bonus features like interviews, commentary, and never-before-seen footage. Basically, this is a Ghostbusters fan’s dream! If you want to pre-order it or get more info, check out And if you’ve made it this far, visit, use the code ‘SLIMER’ and you’ll save $15. Thanks!

--Tom with Time Life Smile

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Preordered mine the day the link went active thru tvshowsondvd. just too bad it will be delayed until Nov 25th... but with such a great job on all the packaging and extras, I can live with it :)


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