strange land

strange land

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strange land with d snyder,  what yall think??

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i friggin love that movie always have cap'n howdy lol i think everyone should at least see it about 5 times in there lifetime.

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It was pretty decent I wanted a liitle more out of it. Dee Snyder is a crazy lookin bastard , I grew up on Twisted Sister and alwaz loved the song Captian Howdy , so for him to finally make his dream come true was cool. I do own it I have'nt watched in a while I guess I should.

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i think that the Capt'n goes on dialoging a bit much, but on the whole it's awesome.

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I thought it was a pretty good film.  At the time there wasn't another film out with that premise really.  I really like the play on the Exorcist by calling himself Captain Howdy.

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Has some good scenes.  Dee Snider is better than I would of thought.  Overall it's not wonderfully great but it's not horrible.  It's watchable.

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I actually liked the movie --->it was sick and demented Smile

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still waiting for the sequel

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this movie was not a piece of crap. I thought it was pretty good, not the best ,but pretty cool. I swear I'll never look at Dee snider the same way again!

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i really liked STRANGE LAND ! i heard something about a sequel a couple yrs ago . i hope dee goes thru with it.  TALK LATER

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Hey! Cap'n Howdy's the Shit!!! I've heard rumors of a part 2. I hope it plays out! But, only if Dee is involved!!!       Later,        Kaboom


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