'Eater' on FEARnet December 4th

'Eater' on FEARnet December 4th

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Fantastic episode.

If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend that you watch it!

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you should also watch "The Family Man" and "Community"!!

Totally my favorites

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I think the "Family Guy" and the "Eater" were better than the "Community."

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I love all of them!!!  The only problem I have is that they are not adding anything new.  I want some new films....don't you guys??  I mean, they even had one as a "new".  They have a great short film skit going on here.  I'd hate not to see anymore actual NEW ones on there.....  just patiently waiting...  :)

I still have watched the others quite a few times..lol.


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To:  Celeste74,

I like those 3 too...but "New Years Eve" was wicked!  I like the way it was made.  Also "Skin and Bones"!!!   He He

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Ooh, yeah, I loved Skin and Bones. I've heard a lot of people bash it, but I adore Doug Jones.

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