Surely you guys will be into this....

Surely you guys will be into this....

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So, I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, but during my travels over the internet i came across something I think you guys would enjoy.


it's probably fake, but this guy posts a blog about how he goes around killing goth girls and stuff. It's definately interesting, and surely fans of the morbid would enjoy this.

Like i said, i'm not sure if it's legit, but either way is really cool. idk check it out.

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I'll check it out thanx.......are fucknuggets on the dollar menu ?

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Ok I checked it out.....ya I would say its fake , the pics looked too doctored up , the blogs were all right .......but I used to sell fake guts on ebay and I had a " story " for every gut I sold as to how I got them......I got alot of complaints but still made money. And I'm sure if it was legit it would have been busted by I say fake. But it was ok.

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But I love goth chicks..What about preppy chicks thats more horror

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Not a fan of horror movies?  Whats the purpose of being on this site?

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