Need URGENT help finding a movie title

Need URGENT help finding a movie title

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MY friends and I meet weekly for our Horror Movie night, called Midnight Madness, and we are the Midnight Society...

But annnnnnnnnyways...

I have been trying to find a specific movie for this week, and was hoping someone could help me with the title...Heres what its about:

There is a house in which a scientist experiments on different freaks, he has different creatures working for him, one of which is shown quite often and he is a half man half pig, there is a guy who, if i remember correctly, goes to the house to save his girlfriend or something...

It was a pretty wellknown movie, and there are like all these freaks and stuff....

PLEASE help if you can. Any suggestions would be could and I can rumage through em and find it, If you have ANY suggestions, please dont hesitate to offer em.


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the Island of Dr. Moreau maybe?   Or Dr. Moreau's house of pain

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