Paxton on the Hostel Movie.........

Paxton on the Hostel Movie.........

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Hey everyone,

    I have a question.  Last night I caught the last hour of Hostel part 2.  I will have to watch it from the beginning when it comes on again.  A girl accidentally stumbled into a room with the heads of some guys lighted up.  One of them was Paxton from the first movie (you know, the guy who escaped) was that a shrine to the people who escaped?  Does part two ever say what happened to him?

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you are so beyond late.  But yea, he has a small part in the opening scene.

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He was killed in part 2.  They collected some of the heads of peole for some reason, but never mentioned as to why in the films.

It's a blood and guts flick and they do whatever it takes to make the show more interesting.

However, I do believe that there will be one more installment of Hostel.  This is where the survivning girl and the homeless kids get even with the people that tortured others.

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I can't WAIT for Hostel Part 3! I really liked the first one and then LOVED the second one. Maybe he'll be able to deliver in the 3rd one and it will be just as awesome. I would hate a bad film to tatter my wonderful perception of Eli Roth and his abilty as a film maker.

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