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How important is a soundtrack? Does the music make the movie, or does the movie make the music! One of my favorites has a very minimal soundtrack. The original "Hills Have Eyes" has a sparse, barely there sound track. Another favorite "House of 1000 Corpses" has a KICK ASS sound track! (I"m a Rob Zombie fan!) What about songs from movies? Like "The Theme From Jaws", or "Tubular Bells" from The Exorcist. How about songs that aren't so well known, "We"re Coming To Kill You" from Dead And Breakfast, the line dancing zombies are great!!! Or "Cry For The Camera" from Trailer Park Of Terror, actually, that whole soundtrack is pretty good! I"m straddling the fence on this one. Some movies don't need a kickass soundtrack, because the story is so good! Some movies are borderline story wise, so a good soundtrack is a plus! What Do You Think, Horror Fans!!! Let Me Hear From You!!!

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OMG the soundtrack can totally make or break a movie. take for instance your ex.. Jaws who can forget that music and when you hear it for the first time you know something bad is going to happen.  Its the same with Halloween and Friday the 13th, the music makes it all the more frightening.  I don't think that if you put in a lyrical song carries as much weight. I don't tend to remember them as much.


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The Dead and Breakfast soundtrack is awesome! The movie is now available on iTunes too!

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soundtracks in horrormovies is where its at , with a wicked soundtrack in a horror movie your fooked!!!

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