The Uninvited

The Uninvited

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Okay, how does this compare to Tale of Two Sisters, the movie it's based on?

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PALEESSSS IN COMPARISON. I would tell you do you mind spoilers?

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Nah, I don't mind spoilers. I still enjoy the movies even if I know everything about them. But I figure a warning header might help those who DON'T like spoilers.

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Tale of Two Sisters is a better film, although don't get me wrong.  It's not like A Tale of Two Sisters is an award winning film or anything.  It was just a really good creepy horror tale, and then the U.S. took it, americanized it, and watered it down to PG-13 and gave it a new name.  Other than that, it's pretty much the same movie.   So if you've seen The Uninvited already, you may be bored with A Tale of Two Sisters, b/c what makes the movie is the twist at the end. .

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i've been watching some foreign films they have good stories, but the action of the movie gets lost because im to busy staring at the bottom reading the subtitles, if they made english versions i'd enjoy them more it wouldn't matter how cheesy the voiceovers were i'd pay more attention, pangs the eye was great its about spirits that follow a pregnant woman waiting to put there soul in the babys body, it was some creepy shit she could see the spirits and was terrified by them, then america turned it into crap the best thing about it was jessica alba they changed the whole storyline, but they said it was based on the eye and not a remake but i don't see how ? i'm up for watching horror films no matter where they came from i've seen great italian and irish zombie movies demonic possession ones to, but i never get the full effect if i cant understand the language, and yeah those 2 movies are pretty much the same dude your not missing anything.

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In full honesty, I disagree with you Ghuolish. I HATE english remakes or movies based on the foreign originals. To me, they make me so angry because they are NEVER like the orignal. Just like how most books-into-movies totally screw them up as well. I will agree that sometimes they remakes, if not based on the orignal, can be a great movie. But I just HATE when they americanize things and not put in all the details, or plot. :shakes fist in the air:


Originals all the way!!!

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i said voiceovers not remakes.changing the language not the movie american words if you please me no speakitsu guess who said this ???i rock...and role... all day long.....weeeeeeuuw...i will kill zombie with kungfu fart......haayaa...bbbbrrrrr

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I completely agree with Hatchetgirl on this one.

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I agree completely with HatchetGirl on this one as well.

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Hey, I didn't know that A Tale Of Two Sisters is what The Uninvited was based on. I guessed the ending to The Uninvited, which made me dissapointed. But I was entertained during the movie. I guess I might skip A Tale Of Two Sister's then. But maybe I'll give it a shot to see the difference. America needs more original ideas... we remade Ringu, Ju On, Shutter.... what else? We're even remaking our old 80's movies. C'mon originality.

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I didn't know The Uninvited was based off of another film either. I guess they both share the same trait then, nothing really great, but a nice twist to finish.

I'd be interested in seeing the original just to see how they vary story wise. Plus, I have no life, so it will kill time, lol.


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