what is fear. do you feel it . do you see it. do you hear it.

what is fear. do you feel it . do you see it. do you hear it.

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unexpected fear

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can you you feel it? sure why not. it can be a phyisical thing. taste, or even smell. having been in some unique jobs, i.e. military ans a state prison. i would say yes to that question. what is it in our minds thats gives us those sensations when walking in the dark? what is it that quickens your pulse when your alone at night when you hear a strange sound and no answer about where it came from. fear can be seen and felt. like a living thing it can take on a life of its own. so yes to that question.

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Fear is a real sensation. You can sense it. . . . feel it. . . . experience it. Like when the hair stands up on your arms, your pulse quickens and your breathing becomes shallow. You feel like your scalp is on fire and goose bumps arise on your body. You feel uneasy about your surroundings, the unknown upsets you. Your eyes dart from side to side frantically. You try to see what it is that upsets you so. Sometimes you can, other times you just "feel" something in the air. You are afraid of the unknown that surrounds you. You could come up with a plan to defeat the unknown, if only you knew what it was! But you don't. You can't fight the unknown. . . . . . . . . . . . ever!


The "Fly" 

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The connotation of "fear" is subjective to the audience. In my opinion, it is the realization of the unknown, as well as the realization of the known. It is the horror that we can imagine in the deep recesses of our memory from news stories we have heard, as well as the horror in our imagination that has yet to come into fruition and which we fear that will NEVER come to fruition. Fear is the element in which us "horror movie fans" are attracted to in the sense of entertainment and morbid thrill, but as rightious human beings, hope that never comes true in everyday life. It is a fantasy, an element of thrill that we hope to always live through the recesses of our mind, heart and soul as a form of thrill, excitement and morbid love.

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Pure terror or fear fills all your senses

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Brundlefly said it all. That is what fear feels like.


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Fear is an emotion. Of course you can feel it. Like love, you know when you're in love. You can't see it in yourself. In others yes, same as fear. You can easily see when someone else is scared. Fear is like the wind. You know its there, even though you can't see it. You can see the results of it, ie; trees moving, flags waving, your hair in the wind. Like fear, you can't see fear, only the results of fear. The feelings of fear. Heartrate increasing, the hair on the back of your neck standing up, shortness of breath, persperation, dry mouth. All these sensations are the result of fear. Can you hear fear? Good question..Again, I'd say in others, yes. In yourself? I don't know. Would it not once again be the results of fear that we hear? Clearly we can hear the cause of fear, whatever that may be, depending on the individual. Maybe with ourselves this would be a little more difficult. Can you hear shortness of breath, hair standing up on the back of your neck? Your heartbeat quickening I know you can feel, but can you hear it? So there you have it. I'd say yes to feeling fear, and lean toward no on seeing and hearing fear itself...


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Fear is real, and can be totally debilitating. In my line of work,(I build wind towers), I deal with mainly claustrophobia, and vertigo. Thank God, I don't suffer from either one. Inside the towers, the space is very limited. It's when you are putting the blades on that you run into problems. You are basically dangling from a harness, 300 feet off the ground. I've literally had to blindfold people, and lower them to the ground in the rescue harness. Almost all of them said before they went up, "heights don't bother me". As far as movies go, I haven't been afraid of a movie since I was 4 years old. You may feel uneasy, but, I just don't see how something on a screen can really scare you. But, again fear IS real.

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Fear keeps you captive and a hostage from life.  A person's worst fears will always be realized at several points in their lives.  Free yourself from fear and nothing can keep you down.  The thing about this is that it is so hard not to fear something.  It is always there waiting to stick the gun in your mouth.




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Amen, Babygurl! Nobody is totally un-feeling! There Is SOMETHING that everyone fears. Some, it's death. Some, it's living. There are way too many answers! Myself, whatever happens to me, happens! What I truely fear is, what my kids have to face growing up. What my grandkids(11 so far) have to face growing up. Do I see fear? Watch the news. Do I hear fear? Listen to any politician. Fear is VERY real! In some form or another, EVERYONE has some sort of fear. Sorry to rant. I'll get off my soapbox now. 


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